Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Falling in Love... The Hidden Truth.....

We don't fall in love when we are in the company of someone, we fall in love when we are off by ourselves thinking about them afterwards.

Its quite clear that we enjoy being in eachothers company and like having fun together. And its also plainly obvious that a butt naked angel called cupid doesn't shoot an arrow into our asses.

But it is when you are on your own and you find yourself thinking about someone in such a unique way, that allows you to list all the qualities about them you really like, and imagine yourself with them connecting together with the flow of your personalities, is when a feeling of love begins to take place deep inside of you. And although you may try push these feelings down or talk yourself out of them, you only find it comes back 10 times more powerful than ever before, allowing you to fall into deeper emotional states of falling for this person during moments of the day. With me, according to my experiences with people, theres always potential connections that can be built between us as human beings.

When you recall a time in your past when you fell in love, where you then able to stay cool, in control of yourself and the relationship? Or where you calling that person everyday, always wanting to see them, thinking about them and eager to experience a growing connection with them?

Heres the point: We do not fall in love by "tripping" over or falling into a "hole!" Love is a process we do to ourselves! And there are always new ways to discover how love can manifest between us - to the point where you act upon it right now!

Nicholas Finnegan

Higher Self Esteem and More