Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Confidence Plan!! Start creating success TODAY!

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Dear friend,

I want to give you some tools that will propel you forward towards reaching your confidence goals in a way that is always expanding. After all each and every one of us experience certain setbacks when it comes to manifesting what we really want in life. Many of us have big goals and dreams for the future but we tend to put them up on a shelf and forget about them, perhaps we tried to take action but slowly gave up because we assumed we wasn't going anywhere.

What are the reasons for why you haven't set out to go after what you really want??

Why haven't you taken consistent action to create what you rightfully deserve in your life???

For most of us its the "fear of Failure!!"

Fear of not being able to achieve our goals, the fear of rejection, the fear of pain - all of these things and the overall risk factor of it all keeps us stuck. But when you really stop to think about it, what is the real risk here? Is it the risk of someone saying "No" or the ultimate risk of NEVER BEING ABLE TO CREATE THE TYPE OF LIFE YOU TRULY DESERVE!

After all isn't this the biggest risk? The risk of losing out!?

You see, if you tried to achieve something a couple of times and failed at it - it doesn't mean you should slowly leave and not do it anymore because of a momentary set-back! The key here is to keep trying and keep changing until you succeed!! If you fail once you must TRY SOMETHING ELSE and KEEP GOING!!

As soon as Thomas Edison first created the light bulb he was interviewed and the interviewer asked him a question, he asked him "How does it feel to have failed 10,000 times?" Edison replied "I didn't fail 10,000 times, I only found 10,000 ways that didn't work and so i knew it was only a matter of time before I figured out what WILL WORK!"

This is the exact same approach you should take when it comes to building life success and confidence, after all this is what confidence is! It represents the tanasity to keep learning and keep expanding until you succeed. The place you are at now in your life and where you desire to be IS A CHANGE! And its learning and changing towards our dreams that allows us to grow more as people! By constantly coming up with new ideas and skills on your journey towards obtaining self-confidence - your behaviours, feelings and reactions change in regards to how you view yourself as a person and how you view your overall life!

These changes are very subtle and i can say to you that as you continue to grow and imagine what your life will be like 10years from now - you'll look back and go "WOW I have grown so much!! I cant even believe that i had so many limitations to begin with!!!"

The more you take action towards creating your dreams the more that "decision action taking muscle" will be effortless to execute time and time again, in those areas of life that matter to you most and this will build even more self-esteem.

So why are you still sitting here reading this for?


Confidence Plan

(Make a confidence plan for each of the three different areas including: Performance Confidence, Self-confidence and Social Confidence. And write down three answers for each separate question below)

1. what do you really want to achieve in your life?

2. What will achieving it give you back? And how will it make you feel once you have it?

3. When do you want to achieve it? (Set a realistic time limit and live up to it!)

4. Imagine what it will be like if you started taking action how would you be feeling significantly stronger two weeks from now?

5. Imagine yourself taking action everyday down your future time-line to the point where you reach your goals achievements! Whats it going to be like when you create it?

The great feelings you will experience once you have achieved your goals is what you are working your way towards. In other words you must focus on the RESULTS and to never let yourself, or anybody else or anything that happens stop you from making these dreams REAL!

You will achieve little results during your pursuits and these little results create the ultimate result, so be grateful for them and seek joy in these little moments of achievement!

There is no such thing as failure and you can NEVER fail at anything! Why? Because failure means learning and learning means growth; growth equals successful results and successful results create drive and passion to succeed; And Drive and passion starts this process all over again in the pursuite of another endeavour you want to achieve in.

Your personal power, as you can see, is full of unlimited possibility and potential, and from now on you must begin to utilise it on a daily basis, just as Thomas Edison did everyday!

Take action, be flexible in your approach, learn and ultimately succeed in your everyday life!